The Gospel of Leander
These are the sayings that Leander Wapshot said and that Leander Wapshot recorded.

1 And he said do what I do not what I say.

2 Leander said that he went skating every Christmas on the frozen pond, drunk or sober, usually drunk, even when he did not want to.

Moses asked him why he did this.

Leander said because it is expected of me.

Coverly said that someone had laughed at Leander, that someone always laughed at Leander.

Leander said that it did not matter, that they needed him to do it, even if they did not know it. They needed him to do it, because he had always done it.

3 Leander said to himself as he pulled out his gun that he hated the feeling of being a public spectacle, of having his actions aired in public.

4 Leander said that he hoped everyone would hear him as he leaned out the window toward the party on the river.

5 Leander said I only want to be esteemed.

6 Leander said that his future esteem depended on his sons’ virility, and that it was his job to prepare them for life.

7 Leander said that his course of instruction would have to be general.

8 Leander said that he cannot explain sex specifically.

9 Leander said that he was not innocent and never claimed to be so.

10 Leander said that man is not simple, with his bare bums hanging out street windows, with him masturbating in YMCA showers.

11 Leander said that he needed his sons to have sons.

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